2017 dues – Residential Trainee

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NOTE: All dues contain an additional convenience fee of $5.00

All rates are effective January 1st, 2017

Residential Trainee (includes Initiation fees)

Initiation fee: $50 (first & second month)
First Year Dues + convenience fee
Initiation fee: $50 (first & second month)
Second Year Dues + convenience fee
No Initiation fee:
Dues + convenience fee

Please be informed that the dues formula is based on the Constitution Article 10, Section 2(g), 2(b), 4(a), Section 2(h), which reads in part: 2.75 hours pay plus full per capita tax- “hours pay” shall mean the wage/fringe package.

Non-Payment of dues:

According to Article 16, Section 10 of the Sheet Metal Workers International Association Constitutional Ritual, any member who becomes two (2) months in arrears will be automatically suspended, apprentice members and pre-apprentices included.

The month end on the last working day of the month – there will be no backdating of dues payments.